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Being busy, priorities and juggling it all.

I am seriously in awe of anybody that can do everything, make commitments, stick to them, have everything in their lives so in order that they actually have it together. So when this was posted on Instagram the other day it stuck a chord with me.


This implies that if you don’t make time for something then it doesn’t matter to you. It implies that all you simply have to do is make the time and voila you have your priorities in order. This image is a load of bullshit.

Short of actually being a witch that has a time turner or having a watch that stops time like in that weird program on the BBC when I was a kid or being able to function on no sleep you cannot just simply create time from nowhere. I know that the meaning of “make time” in this context means you bump other things that are “not as important” to make time. Maybe its adult responsibility or maybe its my goals but I know that I for one do not have that luxury to bump the main things that take up my time.

Work I have down. I turn up on time, I do my job and I go home. It is the one stable constant in my life that come hell or high influenza I will always do. I have a no calling in sick policy (unless I’m contagious) and I like the stability it brings to my life. So seen as I do it all the time and I am handling it well does that make it top on my list of priorities? Honestly without a job I can’t really do much. Money makes the world go round and all that jazz so would I say its my top priority? No I wouldn’t but it would be hard to do anything else if I didn’t have it so its high on the list so bumping it to “make time” not really an option.

College I am coping with OK. Studying the two courses at a higher level means that the reading time alone is taking so much longer than previous years as A) having mild dyslexia my mind tends to wander unless I am thoroughly engaged and interested in the topic and B) I also have to look up lots of words online to try to make sense of it. I have gone from having maybe 20 hours of work a week last year to about 36 to 40 this year depending on how hard I find the material. It is a challenge and I am enjoying it as I love to learn (I know I’m a complete nerd, I’ve accepted it) but would I rather be chilling with my friends? Yes of course I would. But studying gets me closer to my degree which in turn gets me closer to the career I want so is it my top priority? At the moment considering how much it’s costing me and how much I’ve sacrificed to be able to study, yes it is my top priority after family. I’m not going to apologize for it either which means it’s also not getting “bumped” to make time.

Dancing I am just starting to find my groove with the two extra nights per week this year so I will refrain from commenting  for now until I see where all this lands when the dust settles and if I can realistically fit all of it in. I may need to make some changes so that I can fit it into the schedule. Bottom line is: Is dancing my top priority? No. Are the children I teach and how changes may affect them my priority? Most definitely but I am on a learning curve right now and eventually I will find how it works for me. Dancing is not a job its a passion and I love nothing more than to see the girls smashing my choreography and seeing them stand a little taller and prouder when they feel like they’ve accomplished something. It is important to me so also not getting “bumped”.

Family and friends are the areas I am failing most in these days. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I have seen some of them. This is why I think the image struck such a chord with me. My top priorities have always been and will continue to be my family and friends and that image made me feel like I was a bad person for not seeing them or “making time” to see them (I know I know talk about reading too much into something but hey this is me welcome to my world). I have wanted nothing more than to call my friends and say “come on let’s go on one of our impromptu road trips to nowhere at 11pm at night” but unfortunately we are all adults now with responsibilities and their schedules are just as hectic as mine. But I am blessed with people in my life who understand that here is such a thing as too busy, that just because I am being a boring nerd and decide to study instead of going out they don’t hold it against me (they so however text me drunk and make me wish I was there).

So I’m just going to come out and say it. I can’t juggle it all. Honestly I don’t think anybody ever really has it together, I think we all just have ways of making it look like we do. But I digress, at the moment I am trying to juggle dancing, college, work, family and friends and honestly I’m pretty much failing. I may have 137 unread emails (only 49 of which actually are awaiting a response from me), lots of texts/whatsapp/viber/messenger messages that I have not yet read or responded to, 3 voice mails and plenty of calls to return but right now I am too busy to add anything else into my schedule and if you want to take that as you are not important to me then go right ahead, send me an email about it, I’ll get around to it eventually. But honestly it’s definitely not going to be until at least November 7th.

That image can go and kiss my ass.

Until next time. let your gypsy soul wander.





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New Years Resolutions…


New year, new me or so the saying goes. I was never one that was big into new years resolutions, any year I made them I lost steam by January 6th. However last year on New Years Eve while I was home with Walt being the boring old lady I am I decided to set my goals for 2015. I like the idea of goals so much more than New Years resolutions. I believe that constant improvment is a key to success in life. If we keep striving to grow, physically, emotionally and spiritually there is no stopping us. I constantly use #neverstopimproving and I truly believe it.

I had my first appointment with my surgeon in the first week of January for my gastric bypass so that was goal number 1. I wanted to go back to college so that was goal number 2. I had other goals centering around my family, friends and my faith and I feel like I knocked all of them out of the park. Yeah there were some unrealistic goals like wear a bikini on the cruise ( I don’t have the confidence to wear one), do a skydive (I’m not saying I’ll never do one the opportunity just hasn’t presented itself) and declutter the attic (don’t even get me started).

So considering how they went well last year I decided to set some small goals for this year. So below is a short list.

  1. Reach my goal weight before the end of 2016.
  2. Drink more water and take all my supplements (I have completely been ignoring them which is not healthy)
  3. Stay on track with college work and don’t use the fact that it’s not a physical building I have to attend as an excuse to slack off.
  4. Budget better and try to live within my means.
  5. Be more grateful and thankful in general.

Well those are my goals I will try post a bi monthly update as to how they are going. Did you make any resolutions this year? What are your goals?

Until next time, let your gypsy soul wander.

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Christmastime in Edinburgh…

Here is the trip report from our day trip adventure to Edinburgh. We really had a great time and it definitely got us in the festive mood.

So the preparation started the night before. We finished dancing and miss K was staying over in my house. We had decided that we were going to wear matching tshirts but I had left it on the long finger (surprise surprise) so we ended up making them once we got home. I did the computer part and K did the weeding and pressing and in about an hour we had three fabulous shirts to wear, great teamwork. We did different designs but same colours so they were similar but not matchy matchy (pictures of us wearing them will be below). I wasn’t too sure what I needed to pack for a day trip so settled on an empty backpack, purse, keys, lip balm, phone charger and a hat. I was so glad I didn’t bring anything else as it was a whirlwind day and that really was all I needed. Then it was shower and bed (for a whole 4 hours before we had to be up lol)

We set off for the airport at ridiculous O’clock (4:30am) on a cold dreary Tuesday morning. Neither myself or miss K are morning people but we were excited (in so far as you can be at 4am) Mam dropped us to the airport and security took about 20 minutes. After that we changed K’s money (the exchange rate completely sucks at the moment), took a look around the shops and went on the search for orange juice (with no bits cause seriously ewwww). It is surprisingly hard to find orange juice in the airport but thanks to the eagle eyed miss K (who seen it on the counter when we walked past the bar) I was happy. img_0572

Once our gate was announced we set off and did the long walk down to the Ryanair gates. I never queue to get on a plane because seriously my seat number is assigned and it’s not like it’s going to leave without me but the gate that we were leaving from had no seating  and just a queue so we did break that rule and queue to get on. It took us about 40 minutes to get on the plane. The flight took off late but we didn’t mind because it was still ridiculous o’clock and we had plenty of time. Also feel the need to point out that travelling since my bypass is a lot less strenuous than before but the little thing that meant the most to me was on this flight I could close the belt with ease and had to for the first time in my life pull it tighter! But back to the story.


When we landed we headed straight for the bus. This is where I made our first mistake. We knew we had to get the airlink into the city centre but when we got there the ticket office was closed and there was a sign to say if you had tickets join this queue if you didn’t please purchase them from the ticket office. We walked back towards the terminal so I could ask somebody when we spotted there was another bus stop that said it went to where we needed to go so we got on that. The bus went around every single industrial estate and every housing estate and we literally spent longer on that bus to get to the National Museum of Scotland than we did on the plane to get there from Ireland! We alter found out that you can in fact pay in cash on the Airlink bus but oh well you live and learn.

The National Museum of Scotland was absolutely fantastic. I am going to write another long post of a review but seriously if you ever get the chance to go, do it because you won’t regret it. The building itself is just beautiful and the exhibitions are fantastic. We visited on the day that Major Tim Peake (@astro_timpeake )was being launched for his mission to the ISS so there were a lot of cool things going on for that including where you could put on a space suit and be green screened into your very own rocket launch as well as an indoor pop up planetarium. There were various arts and crafts stations as well. I have to say the staff at the museum were so friendly and helpful and I would strongly recommend a visit. After that we went up to the roof and took the obligatory picture of Edinburgh Castle.


The time we spent in the museum completely flew in and soon it was time to go and meet Elaine at the Scott monument. It was a short walk and the Christmas market was already buzzing with people. After hugs and I’m so glad you’re here exhanges we headed into the Christmas market to start being jingly little elves. The smell of all the foods in the market was mouth watering. Chocolate fountains, fresh baked cookies, Donughts, hot dogs I could keep going because it was amazing. But we decided to get ice skating out of the way first.

The prices stated that it was £12.50 per adult with concessions available. Seen as Elaine and myself are poor students and K is under 16 I was hoping we would fall under the concession umbrella. I was very pleasantly surprised when I asked for two students and one child and was told the grand total was £15! Yay poor students! Now to this ice skating thing. I SUCK at ice skating. I fall and am just generally a mess but I am proud to say this time I didn’t fall at all. I tripped on more than one occasion but I managed to stay on my feet for the whole time. K and Elaine were pros at it even racing each other in a speed lap of the rink. I generally clung to the wall for the first part but eventually I was skating along without holding on due to encouragement from K and Elaine (but I was still close enough that I could grab it if I needed to because I’m a wuss). Michael Buble was playing over the loud speakers and it was very festive altogether.


After we were finished we decided to go look around the market. Elaine had a real fear that she might buy the first food that she seen because they all looked and smelled so good so we said we would have to look around all the stalls and then decide what we wanted. There were stalls selling everything from hand carved decorations, Christmas cookies, bow ties, fake snow, dolls, chocolates, jewellery just general market stall affair. Most of it was quite expensive which is to be expected. I didn’t get many pictures because I was too busy soaking up the atmosphere lol It was then we came across the best smelling stall that has ever existed. I am not even exaggerating when we all smelled it we knew that was where we were getting our treat from. They made fresh doughnuts and  cakes with melted nutella and powdered sugar. We all got them and it was like heaven in my mouth. Even thinking about it makes me long for another one.


Here are the best doughnuts in the world!img_0754

After the amazing doughnuts we decided we wanted to go and try the Christmas Tree Maze. It was £3 per person and I have to say it was great fun. You were given a card and had to find 5 stations in the maze to stamp the letters, once you had them you made a Christmas word and got a prize from the elf hut. Once Elaine and K found out there was a prize they were all like “game on bitches!” and went into stealth mode. I on the other hand was too enraptured by all the twinkling lights and smell of Christmas tree to be competitive. One of the funniest things of the day was when I’d look around a corner and see them running around trying to find the letters (screw Christmas spirit I’m gonna win lol). Eventually we all got our prizes (surprise surprise) and we went to have a look on Princes Street in the shops.



At this stage the tiredness was setting in and K’s feet were sore from all the walking so we went to a local place called The Boozy Cow for dinner. The place doesn’t look like much from the outside but it is worth a visit. It had great reviews and Elaine was in the mood for a burger as she is so busy with college she and I quote “doesn’t have time to cook meat”. We were seated by a really friendly waitress who explained the reason we had a roll of kitchen roll on our table is because they serve their food somewhat unconventionally and we would be needing it because it gets messy. They don’t use cutlery and serve the meals on metal trays one between two. We all ordered burgers (I ordered a gluten free one) and we shared sides of regular chips, sweet potato chips and onion rings. The drinks were served in tin can glasses too. img_0719img_0723img_0722


The food was nice. The burgers were about a 7/10 but he sweet potato chips and onion rings were some of the best things I have ever tasted. Because I had ordered a gluten free burger we all got individual trays instead of the normal way of serving (which I was kinda bummed about. I am not allergic to gluten but I find that gluten free options when available sit better in my stomach). The burgers were huge and required a lot of maneuvering to get into our mouths. I would rate the experience overall of an 8/10 but the service from the staff was a 10/10. Altogether for the three of us it came to £38 which was reasonable.

We then went to get on the Ferris Wheel at the Christmas market. K had never been on one so it was top of her list to do while we were there. Once again we got concession tickets (students strike again!) and it cost £6 each instead of £9. We waited until last because we wanted to go up while it was dark so we could see the lights. It was really magical. The voice over told you stories about the local area and you got quite a good amount of time on it. K was happy and gave it two thumbs up.


After that it was straight to the airport (on the right bus that only took 30 minutes!) and we flew through security. We were cutting it close with time as the ferris wheel had taken longer than expected but once we got to the airport there was literally only one person in front of us at security. There were more staff than passengers. We headed straight for our gate and were on board in no time. I fell asleep before the plane had even taken off and once we landed we dropped K home and I collapsed into bed ready to sleep for a week. It was a whirlwind day but it was so much fun. It’s definitely the start of a new tradition the #cousinsdayout maybe we’ll do London or Paris next year and invite more cousins.

Well that’s all for now.

Until next time, let your gypsy soul wander.

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I love cheap flights…


A couple of weeks ago on one of my search skyscanner for flights and see where we can go binges I found flights to Edinburgh for €20 and you can’t say no to that really. It is flying with Ryanair but for that price I’ll take it (and hopefully won’t regret that sentence) So tomorrow myself and Miss K are off to Edinburgh on a day trip to visit Elaine.

As we’re only going for the day I’m only bringing a backpack (empty in case we shop), wallet, phone, passport and change of socks (just in case). I’m hoping to pick up a few trinkets and get a picture of somebody in a kilt just for the cliche.

I love Edinburgh and have been there a good few times. The scenery and architecture are amazing. The accents not bad either lol. Once we get there there are a few things I want to do. I want to visit the National Museum of Scotland and see a few of the exhibitions. I have seen the castle as we preformed for a month on the Edinburgh Military Tattoo one summer so I will be giving that a miss, most we will do is get a picture outside. I want to try out a hot chocolate float at Mary’s Milk Bar. I have a list of restaurants (like Oink) I want to eat at while we are there (I may even try haggis it can’t be that bad right?). I can’t wait to see the Royal Mile all lit up and visit the Christmas market. We are planning on going ice skating and just being general jingling little elves.

Just a short post today. So I’ll put a trip report up on Wednesday.

Until next time, let your gypsy soul wander.