Hello October…


So October is here which means its autumn officially in my eyes. For the whole of autumn I am basically going to be a walking embodiment of a basic white girl in uggs, jumpers, scarves and flannel and I bloody love it. I will be taking pictures of leaves and crunching through them and generally finding lots of things that make my heart happy and then instagraming them with the #blessed because that’s just who I am as a person.

So I started back to college this week and for the first time in my life I’m ahead of the game so hoping that lasts. Doing two modules together this year instead of staggered like last year as well as working full time and teaching dance is a lot to juggle but hey I can do it so long as I actually control my time management. I’m going to try and blog at least three times a week (I have high hopes but you know my track record so..).

So this is just a short post to dip my toes back in so to speak. I’ll leave it with some of my favourite things about Autumn.

  • I can start watching Hocus Pocus (in fact I’ve watched it already and I’m not even sorry).
  • Crunchy leaves! I know in Ireland they get soggy fast but on the crunchy days I love them.
  • Hot chocolate from Starbucks (as much of a basic as I am I can’t stand pumpkin spice because of the cinnamon)
  • Taking M and A to the pumpkin patch.
  • Decorating the house for Halloween.
  • My Autumn Vacation: this years trip is to New York and then a Bahamas Cruise.
  • I also re-watch Grey’s Anatomy every October from the beginning and I still cry like a baby every single time George O’Malley dies so there’s that to look forward to.

So until next time, let your gypsy soul wander x



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