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How is it April already?


Wow it’s April already. I am seriously still in shock that our Disney Vacation is over and I’m coming to the end of one of my college modules already. I though I’d scheduled lots of Disney posts while I was away, turns out I didn’t schedule them properly so I keeping them for the times when I don’t have much creativity and want to post something (some may call this cheating, I call it being resourceful lol).

Our vacation was completely and utterly amazing. I have a whole post done coming up next week about it but honestly I hate to be home. Next trip isn’t until September to China so lots of time and staycationing between then and now which is kinda depressing but hey it’s worth it for China which has been on my bucket list since I can remember.

April is the start of another No Spend Month for me. Trying to kick start more responsible management of my money. I have been doing so well since the last no spend month but feel myself slipping back to the old spending habits so time to kick my butt back into being fiscally responsible (look how adulty I sound!) I haven’t been taking my supplements and honestly got into a bit of trouble health wise because of it so have to get started back on those and being consistent.

Things I’m loving at the moment are:

  • Shadowhunters on Netflix.
  • Garlic toasties with bacon and cheese.
  • Hillsong Y & F – Youth Revival.
  • Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It by Grace Helbig.
  • Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense advanced day & night creams.

Well thats an update on whats going on with me. Hows everybody else doing? Any exciting news to share?

Until next time, let your gypsy soul wander.